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Authentic You

Authentic You

Norma’s journey to find her own authenticity has taken her through a series of personal experiences that set the stage for discoveries that would change her life and position her as an expert in the field of Authenticity. As a result of Norma’s tumultuous journey to Authentic Wellness, something that took her decades to achieve, she has an infectious passion that inspires others to embrace their own authenticity. Norma has turned her experiences and authenticity research into an extraordinary ‘Authentic Wellness’ program, helping others achieve authentic wellness and experience the joy of living an authentic life.

Authentic Wellness means you recognize that your well-being consists of several elements including:

  • Your mental well-being
  • Your physical well-being
  • Your emotional well-being

When one of these elements is out of balance, you become ‘out of alignment’ with yourself, often resulting in energy loss, worry, depression, anxiety, disease and illness.

Norma’s ‘Authentic Wellness’ program will help you become the Authentic You by walking you through nine steps to wellness. Norma’s unique methodology is designed to align your body, mind and emotions so you can achieve optimum health for optimum success.

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